How to Prepare Self-Service Data Analysis using BI?

//How to Prepare Self-Service Data Analysis using BI?

How to Prepare Self-Service Data Analysis using BI?

According to Gartner IT Glossary, “Self-Service Analytics is a form of business intelligence (BI) in which line-of-business professionals are enabled and encouraged to perform queries and generate reports on their own, with nominal IT support. Self-service analytics is often characterized by simple-to-use BI tools with basic analytic capabilities and an underlying data model that has been simplified or scaled down for ease of understanding and straightforward data access.”

In the traditional business setup, preparing data for analysis was a time consuming process that could only be performed by the IT team. It involved complex tasks like Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL), access to Data Warehouses and Data Marts and lots of complicated massaging and manipulation of data across other data sources.

Self-Service Data Analytics involves a set of sophisticated BI tools that are designed to give more freedom and access to business users to explore, manipulate and merge new data sources. It also frees them from depending on the IT staff or specialized business analysts.

A business organization usually works with multiple data sources that are not well integrated with each other. For example, a CRM system keeps the customers information, but the purchase records of customers are stored in an accounting system. In some cases, different locations of the same business use different database. For an organization to make informed decisions based on analysis of the business’s operations, the multiple data sources must be integrated. This is very important to be able to spot key insights about the business’s performance.

By using Self-Service Data Analytics as provided by EasyReports BI (Business Intelligence) tool, business users can extract insights in minutes rather than hours or even days. Traditionally, the IT team or business analysts take up weeks or even months to integrate all the data sources. With EasyReports BI, business users can integrate all data sources on the fly independently. They do not have to depend on any assistance from the IT team or business analysts.It allows users to access data integrated from multiple sources. They can use this data to perform Data Preparation, test theories and hypotheses, prototype to test price points, analyze changes in consumer buying behavior, anticipate changes in the competitive landscape and otherwise leverage data for analytical purposes.

Self-Service Analytics is the future of Business Intelligence. It produces key business insights which help organizations to make informed decisions about future business strategies. Business users get access to data from numerous data sources. They can select and analyze data to make timely, accurate decisions. Organizations can gain insight into buying behavior, analyze supply chain issues, identify new markets, locations and opportunities and anticipate resource and training needs.

If you want to empower your business with Self-Service Analytics, EasyReports is a powerful BI toolwhich provides flexible and affordable reporting solutions. To know more, log on to or send an enquiry mail to

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