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Custom Filters on Multiple Fields with EasyReports

Custom Filters on Multiple Fields with EasyReports

March 15, 2021

EasyReports is a Management Information System (MIS) and Reporting Automation application that connects with ERP’s like Tally.ERP 9, SAP, B1, and Microsoft Navision and simplifies users’ reporting needs with its dynamic dashboards that supports drag and drop feature and can be customized as per users’ requirement.

Given below is a bird’s eye view what users of EasyReports can acquire;

  • Standard Reports which will help users to go live in days
  • Report Scheduler for automated reporting and alerts
  • Report Designer to help users create their own reports quickly
  • Acts as a connector for Tally.ERP 9, SAP, B1, NAV, Excel and other databasesHere we will get a detailed understanding of the functionality of EasyReports, the advantages over other Business Intelligence (BI) tools.EasyReports has sample templates and reports with ready layouts that highlights the possibilities for any business and can even be saved and retrieved for later use. The key feature being it’s easy for quick customization and deployment, EasyReports can help in generating as well as automating your reports on the go.

    EasyReports offers its users with daily, weekly and even monthly sales reports. It has supports for some additional features that even Tally cannot provide viz, Salesperson and Manager Wise reports, Target vs. Actual reports, Contribution Analysis, Monthly, Quarterly, Time Comparative Reports, Ageing Analysis, Outstanding by Area, Region, Salesperson, Manager , Monthly, quarterly, annual expense reports,  Budget vs. Actual and various types of customized reports as per the needs of the businesses.

    Therefore, in a nutshell, it can be summarized in a short yet beautiful way that Tally is always the foundation of the accounting platform but EasyReports provides its users with something extra in an engaging and intriguing manner.

    Integrating Custom Filters on Multiple Fields

    The drag and drop function of report generation is one of its kind that EasyReports has made available to its clients. EasyReports users’ can schedule their reports and control its frequency based on their preferences and convenience. The dashboard of EasyReports is available with customized filters of multiple fields and value and offers its clients with various types of charts, graphs, gauges and more.

    Using the Custom Filter options in EasyReports, we can either filter Customer Wise or Stock Item wise.

    Following are the key steps to log into your EasyReports portal and access reports with custom filters on multiple fields.

    Step 1: Login with your User Id and Password.

    Step 2: Click on Sales

    Step 3: Click on Layout Search dialog box

    Step 4: Click on Report Selection dialog box

    Step 5: Select Date From and date To.

    Step 6: Open Sales Detailed Analysis Report (Customer wise item wise analysis)

    Step 7: Click on the drop down button, on the Customer tab

    Step 8: Select the desired customer and you will have their entire business transaction filtered.

    Step 9: Click and filter from the drop down button on any particular product, (if there are multiple product items)

    Step 10: Click and filter from the drop down button on the particular month whose data you need to see

    Step 11: To cross check, you can verify the path on the left hand side of the footer on your screen

    Note: You can use the filters on any number of fields.

    Suppose, if you want that whenever you open your report, you want to view only the “Sales” report.

    You can then customize you report in the following way.

    Step 1: Click on Pre Filter

    Step 2: When the Pivot Grid Pre Filter dialog box pops up

    Step 3: Insert the desired command

    Step 4: Click on Apply and then OK.

    Now, whenever you open the report, the default Voucher Type will display “Sales”.

    To know more about the features and benefits, businesses are offered with Free Trial, log on to www.easyreports.in