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EasyReports has been built to automate the MIS and Reporting function for organizations. We not only provide information processing and generation but also automate the process of report distribution as well

Combine ERP and Non ERP Data

Combine ERP and non-ERP data

  • Get data from multiple systems for combined reporting, e.g. payroll, CRM, Production, etc.
  • Provide data in excel for automated combined reports, e.g. headcount, FTE, electricity units, etc.
  • Additional dimensions for reporting in customer master and transactions, e.g. salesperson, geography, channel, segment, etc.
  • Additional dimensions for reporting in item master, e.g. brand, category, size, reporting unit, etc.
  • Data from non-ERP systems, e.g. auction platforms, Zoho apps, e-Commerce, etc.
Automated Financials

Automated Financials

  • Build consolidated financials – currency conversion, interco, adjustments, provisions, memorandum entries
  • Allocation of costs as per defined rules
  • Incorporation of budgets and forecasts and prior period comparisons
  • Get financials in your own format with spreadsheet reports
  • Map ledgers to reporting heads for flexible grouping and reporting of BS, PL, Cash Flow
  • Indirect Cash Flow mapping and reporting
  • Columnar reports by location, branch, cost centre, month, quarter, etc.
Automated MIS

Automated MIS Reports

  • Automate your MIS reports across different functions such as sales, production, debtors, inventory, etc.
  • KPI and Exception Reporting with summary and detailed reports
  • Dashboards for top level overview of organization performance
  • Drive efficiency and track performance of team with target vs actuals and high level indicators
Automated Distribution

Automated Distribution of Reports

  • Use Report Scheduler to automatically trigger reports and dashboards
  • Send out outstanding, sales, fund position, MIS, etc. to inhouse and remote teams automatically
  • Either export, sync with Google Drive or Dropbox or send emails
  • Trigger alerts and exceptions with specified reports for detailed scenarios
  • Provide browser based and mobile friendly views without compromising on data security