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Microsoft NAV

EasyReports Integration with NAVISION

Data Connectivity

Data Connectivity

EasyReports offers seamless connectivity to NAVISION database.

  • Establish connections to data sources in seconds.
  • Create data models effortlessly, either by writing SQL queries or reusing existing ones.
  • Utilize data models and parameters to effortlessly generate drag-and-drop reports.
  • Your reports are ready in minutes, ensuring swift access.
Write once, run for all companies

Write once, run for all companies

Multi-company consolidation is integrated by default, eliminating the need for manual consolidation logic:

  • Built in company selection parameters to work on company master
  • Easily assign company selection parameters to data models for consolidated reports.
  • The EasyReports Data Processing Engine ensures the execution of data models for selected companies during report generation.
Data Security

Data Security and Authorization

Whether deployed on-premises or in your cloud environment, EasyReports ensures data security and authorization

  • Data remains within your organization's control, with no external data flow to third-party cloud servers.
  • Configure user roles to grant access to necessary reports.
  • Implement field-level security for precise control over user access to data fields within reports.
Report Scheduling

Report Scheduling

EasyReports goes beyond report automation by automatically distributing reports to individual users or teams:

  • Scheduling supports a wide range of reports and dashboards, all with customizable layouts.
  • Whether it's a daily, weekly, monthly, or specific day-of-the-week or month schedule, you'll never miss important information.
  • Configuration and monitoring are user-friendly, with detailed logs tracking report schedule execution.
Real Time Data Integration

Real Time Data Integration

Say goodbye to waiting for data refreshes before accessing reports:

  • Connect directly to the NAVISION database for real-time data retrieval.
  • Access real-time data whenever you execute a report.
  • Save valuable time and effort by eliminating the need for configuring data update processes.