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Debtor management is very important apart working capital management. To ensure better cashflow and low bad debt team and analyse the credit performance of the debtor’s using matrix like Average Receipt Days, Credit utilization etc.

Average Receipt Days

Average Receipt Days

Keep track on customer who are not paying on time to decide on future sale strategies.

  • Track receipt days by customers
  • Identify customers with increasing receipt days.
  • Identify customer with receipt days more than N days.
  • Get average receipt but customer and drill down to bill wise details.
Customer Outstanding

Customer Outstanding

Track the outstanding by age to ensure timely follow up for collection to help with better working capital management.

  • Identify customer outstanding by due date or bill date.
  • Track customer with increasing ageing
  • Ensure customer outstanding is within the limits of credit days thus minimizing the possibility of loss due to bad debts.
  • Schedule to salesperson details of their customers to take in-time action.
Billing Efficiency

Billing Efficiency

Track how efficient are the billing cycles using KPI like ticket size, basket size, active customer etc.

  • Track the efficiency of billing for each salesperson and customer.
  • New customer added in the month or quarter or year.
  • Number of active and inactive customer
  • List inactive customers based on last sales.
  • Average Ticket size by salesperson or customer
Credit utilization

Credit utilization

Ensure credit sales are under the defined limits to prevent risk of bad debts and better working capital management.

  • Track credit utilization based on credit limits.
  • Get list of customers with over-utilized credit limits
  • Salesperson wise customer listing
Foreign Currency Transactions

Foreign Currency Transactions

Get all details of all your transactions in foreign currency, forex exposure as on a particular date.

  • Transaction details with drill down till voucher level
  • Currency wise outstanding