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Tag: insights

Why do you need a BI tool when you implement an ERP?

Since its inception in 1997, BI has been compared to a number of analytical tools, from spreadsheets to Customer Relationship...

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Data Analysis promotes growth of an organization

What is Data? Data is the founding stone of any business apart from its valuable inputs like information and knowledge....

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How Integration of EasyReports BI Tool with Tally Helps eCommerce Businesses?

With technology advancing by leaps and bounds manual works have taken a backseat whether it be at home or in...

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How to generate Salesperson Collection Target vs. Actual in Tally ERP9

“Everything is selling. Nothing happens in this world, nothing comes into this world, until somebody makes a sale.”                                                                                                                                               - Richard...

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Inventory Management Made Easy with Tally Integration

In majority of organizations today, important tasks like generating sales order, creating invoices or making business reportsare performed by automated...

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How to Choose the Perfect BI Solution for Your Organization?

Business Intelligence (BI) is the use of any software, technology or application that helps with real-time data analysis and delivers...

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