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Keep track of all the ongoing projects by analysing the profit and loss statement, budget utilization etc. Allocate common cost to project based on head count or percentage to get actual performance of a project.

Project Profitability

Project Profitability

Ensure the projects are profitable to ensure business is in healthy condition.

  • Profit and Loss analysis by projects
  • Project ranking by revenue, profitability etc
  • Allocation of common cost based on head count or percentages or any other required logic
  • Track by multiple dimensions like Location, Client, Business Unit, Department, Budget Codes, etc
  • Foreign currency conversions
Budget vs Actual

Budget vs Actual

Budget are set to ensure proper functioning of the organization. Ensure that expenses are under the defined budget.

  • Easy to use utility to maintain budget data. Option to upload monthly or quarterly or yearly.
  • Project wise budget data
  • Option to upload budget revisions.
  • Track projects with near full utilization or over utilized budgets
Debtor Analysis

Debtor Analysis

Debtors play an important part in working capital management. Keep a track on their outstanding, average receipt days to ensure better management of working capital.

  • Project wise outstanding analysis
  • Average receipt days
  • Upcoming vs overdue payments
  • Outstanding in Foreign currency
Cash Flow / Fund Flow Management

Cash Flow / Fund Flow Management

Liquidity plays a very important role in proper working of an organization. Keep a track on your past and upcoming cashflow to maintain liquidity.

  • Direct and Indirect Cash Flow Statements
  • Keep a track on Upcoming Vendor payment and Customer receipts for better Fund Management
  • Configure you recurring payments and receipts to get near to realistic Fund Flow
  • Track cash payment and receipts for statutory compliance and control