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With EasyReports you get complete peace of mind as far as your data and application security is concerned. We ensure that the complete data infrastructure is in your control and the application security ensures that users access only what is allowed

Private Cloud Infrastructure

On-Premise or Private Cloud Infrastructure

  • Install on-premise or on your private cloud
  • Entire app remains on your infra to ensure enterprise level security
  • Ensures all data remains within your control
  • No external cloud based data flows
  • Use VPNs or other security controls for external data access controls
Role Based Security

Role Based Security

  • Configure roles to provide access to report groups or individual reports
  • Support for unlimited roles
  • Restrict access to printing and exporting data
  • Restrict access to designing and modifying report layouts
  • Assign roles to users for implementing common security rules
Data Security

Data Security

  • Ensure that all data remains in your control
  • Configure critical fields for data level access
  • Provide filter criteria at user level for critical fields
  • Users will see data as per the filter rules specified by them
  • Hide critical fields from user view