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Jindal Intellicom (JindalX)


September 27, 2023

Jindal Intellicom (now known as JindalX) is part of the OP Jindal Group and is a global outsourcing company with over 3500 employees and delivering customer experience (CX) solutions for businesses worldwide. The key requirements of JindalX was to automate the various financial and business reports and to provide the budget vs actual comparisons.

Business Problems

  • The revenue and expense needed to be captured with multiple dimensions and at the granular level
  • Bottom up and top down reporting of processes and project profitability
  • Reporting in USD and INR currencies
  • Capturing headcounts, cost allocations based on headcount and other factors and providing reports based on average revenue and cost per headcount and FTE
  • Financial and operational budget data with working to calculate the full financial budget

Solution Provided

  • Consulting and structuring of Tally entry system to capture the required dimensions 
  • Structuring of data via excel uploads for non-financial parameters, e.g. headcount, FTEs
  • Excel uploads for payroll data and processing of timesheet and payroll data for cost allocations to projects
  • Budget working automation – based on operating parameters aspects of the financial budget calculated
  • Reporting in Pivot and Spreadsheet formats for flexibility and formatted reports as required by the business


  • Through multiple rounds of optimization significantly reduced manual effort and errors
  • Provided a centralized repository of information as against silos of data from which MIS was prepared

On time MIS reporting to top and operational management layers for better control and efficiency