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September 27, 2023

APMH provides professional services to the business in the domain of taxation, auditing, corporate law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy code etc. They also focus on the understanding of the ERPs like SAP, Oracle, Tally, Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks. They were using Tally as an accounting package and wanted to automate their reporting for segment wise profitability and operating cost analysis.

Business Problems

  • Tracking services wise profit and loss and revenue analysis by services was not possible since data was not captured
  • Fund movement was difficult to track and involved manual working in excel
  • Getting outstanding details by service lines was complicated given that billing was done for multiple service lines together
  • Tracking the actual performance against targets was largely driven by spreadsheet working and approximations on the allocated revenue and costs

Solution Provided

  • Restructuring of Tally and setting up a system of data entry with dimensions using cost categories and cost centres to capture services line wise revenue and expenses
  • Provided excel uploads for capturing target data
  • Cashflow analysis to track movement of funds or daily, weekly, or monthly basis based on dimensions and chart of accounts combinations
  • Target vs actual report at service line level
  • Outstanding amount allocation based on service lines to get segment wise outstanding performance details


  • Reduction in time spent in manual report preparation
  • Timely analysis of data to drive business growth
  • Easily identifying best and least performing service lines