How to get Tally Data in SQL Server Database?

//How to get Tally Data in SQL Server Database?

How to get Tally Data in SQL Server Database?

In order to import Tally database from SQL server, Orchid Technical Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has introduced a product called Tally Connector. The primary job of this product is to get connected with Tally and extract, analyze and place the data in the SQL database so that it can be used for the BI tools and other dependent apps.

The Tally Connector connects Tally with SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) API, that is, a messaging protocol that lets various programs to run on incongruent platforms (Operating Systems) like Linux and Windows using HTTP and XML.

Why you must have Tally Connector installed in the system?

There are several benefits of using Tally Connector tool. Firstly, it helps in exporting the data into database apps so they can show up for transactions, masters and stock. Secondly, the imports are based on API, Auto-scheduler and files. Thirdly, here the Tally database is used in many other apps without any modifications, so you get the data in its original form. Fourthly, you can get the data and information in an easy to understand table format with proper titles and queries that are good for easy data mining. There’s a tool that lets you to compare the data and the Tally and DB data gets auto-compared without any human intervention. The tool is tried and tested for stability and integrity for more than 8 years, and is used by various organizations for easy data analyzing and report comparing.

What is the USP of Tally Connector?

Well, there are not only one or two USPs and benefits of using the tool, but plenty. The Tally Connector by Easy Reports can help importing files from Tally using XML. A single click on a tab can help you import data and information using SOAP API. Moreover, you can auto-schedule imports and forget about it completely so that to receive timely imports as per the schedules. The entire platform is based on open database format that can be modified and accessed as per the requirements of the user. The tool also has data rectification and reconciliation feature that uses data processing and calculative methods to auto-correct the data that has been put. Moreover, you can put as much data and information as you can put, as well as the number of organizations. You’ll get timely updates and support as and when you require.

Direct import of data and information

You can easily import information and data as per the requirements from Tally ERP 9 with few clicks. The process of import is really simple, and it includes deletions, additions and modifications and everything that helps in ensuring that the correct data and information is put. The Tally Connector tool ensures that error-free mechanisms are used so that to make sure uninterrupted import of database is done easily in a form so that it can be imported again to or from other platforms.

File import of data and information

The file import feature lets the in data import through XML files from the Tally database. You can import big files and a plenty of data & information even when the Tally is not functioning or is running remotely in a machine that is not directly accessible.

Auto scheduling feature

You can always use the scheduler that can help in auto-scheduling the data import and accordingly, transactions, masters and stock would get updated. All you need to do is to schedule as per your requirements and everything will get updated in a definite interval.

So, the Tally Connector is more than just a Tally ERP 9 integration tool where it helps the accounts team get the report in the desired format.

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