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How to get Customized & Insightful Reports using EasyReports

How to get Customized & Insightful Reports using EasyReports

March 12, 2020

In today’s blog post we will discuss how to get customized and insightful reports using EasyReports that will benefit your entire organization. Let’s delve into it further!

Data is everywhere, all over the internet and hence it is not always easy to collect and put it in an understandable format. It is often challenging to make sense from the information. Yet, reporting is important like actionable insights, as it is the founding stone for all decisions that need to be taken for the growth and profitability of the organization.

EasyReports BI is a reporting and MIS tool integrated with Tally.ERP9, SAP B1, NAV, D365, BUSY etc. along with many standard reports covering all aspects of business such as Sales, Purchase, Customer, Supplier, Inventory, Cost Centre, Financial etc. We also offer extensive customization features so that you can design reports as per your requirements and specific fields used in Tally such dimension as Salesperson, Channel, Route, ASM etc.

EasyReports business intelligence tool provides Scalable, flexible and affordable reporting solutions. Monthly, quarterly, yearly and time comparative reports can be generated based on the top, bottom, ranking and contribution analysis. The BI tool allows pivot style reporting for quick analysis of data. Key Performance Indicators can also be highlighted in the reports generated.

Following is a bird’s eye view what users of EasyReports can acquire – an MIS & Reporting Automation application;

  • Standard Reports which will help users to go live in days
  • Report Scheduler for automated reporting and alerts
  • Report Designer to help users create their own reports quickly
  • Tally Scheduler to help the user (Tally) for auto-import of data
  • Acts as a connector for Tally.ERP 9, SAP, B1, NAV, Excel and other databases
  • Simplify users reporting needs with its dynamic dashboards
  • Support drag and drop feature and can be customized as per users requirement

We, at EasyReports, provide 3 types of reporting requirements to our customers;


Pivot Report would be used for strategic and tactical reporting and data analysis in aggregates or by groups and sub-groups using different dimensions such as Salesperson, Item Category, Item Group, Project, etc. or by time interval, e.g. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, etc.


Grid report Sample

Grid Report is used mainly for operational reporting and analysis of individual transactions.


Sales Dashboard – Report

The dashboard is an information management tool that visually analyzes the KPIs and key data points to monitor the health of an organization, or any specific department or process or even both simultaneously. They are customized to meet the growing and specific needs of a department and/or company or even both.

In the background, a dashboard connects to your SQL Server, Excel Files and other Databases, but on the surface displays all this data in the form of tables, line charts, bar charts and gauges.

A data dashboard is one of the most efficient ways to track multiple data sources because it provides a central location for organizations and their respective businesses to monitor and analyze daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly performance. Real-time monitoring reduces the hours of analyzing and a long line of communication that previously challenged the businesses.

We, at EasyReports also provide customized reports to our customers based on their requirement and suggested formats. For all sorts of default reports, customized reports can also be made.

EasyReports has sample templates and ready layouts of reports that highlight all possibilities for your business requirements and can be saved and retrieved for later use. With quick customization and deployment, EasyReports can assist users in generating and automating your reports on the go.