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EasyReports BI Tool and On-Demand Data Synchronization with Tally.ERP9

EasyReports BI Tool and On-Demand Data Synchronization with Tally.ERP9

January 30, 2020

Tally.ERP 9 is favored by millions of users as their primary business management software across the globe. It driving features and user friendly nature adapts to the way users operate their businesses and helps them in simplifying their business operations.

Tally.ERP 9 provides accountants and managements with exceptional capabilities that will simplify their way of managing all critical aspects of their business processes, including accounting, sales and purchase, inventory, manufacturing, taxation, payroll, MIS reporting, and much more.

Numerous small and medium businesses (SMBs) use Tally Integration for running their organization’s in-house tasks. Many independent ventures use various third party systems to execute their different business functions. The third party platforms can be ERP, CRM, DMS, or even an e-commerce engine. Companies that use Tally for their financial and accounting needs gets a bonus as they have an in-built feature of Tally Integration, that allows seamless integration of information between the third party programs and Tally.

EasyReports Tally Integration provides a ready integration tool for masters and transactions. Using the product, a business can save time and effort in duplicating entries and reconciling errors. Information systems communicate with each other, and provide the perfect time visibility of transactions of the business helping the business to run smoothly and efficiently.

On-demand data synchronization gives the companies the ability to share information across locations in a simple, secure, reliable and Scalable manner. On Demand Data Synchronization makes it possible to manage the data of the organizations across multiple points, and send or receive data to and from a central location without the condition of being in an always connected mode.

With the help of On-Demand Data Synchronization feature of EasyReports Tally Integration, companies can easily synchronize information to maintain a consistent chart of accounts across all locations and even third party applications and software that the company is using. It ensures the safety and security of all business data within the Tally.NET Server. The data is encrypted and exchanged in a highly secure and trusted environment, where only the recipient can interpret the data.

The Tally Integration platform provided by EasyReports can be integrated with the following types of applications:

  • ERPs
  • CRMs
  • E-Commerce engines such as e-Bay, Shopify, Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal, etc.
  • Dealer Management Systems such as Unilever, Castrol, CEAT, Amul, Marico, etc.
  • Custom built solutions

If you are looking for BI Tool and On-Demand Data Synchronization with Tally.ERP9 solutions for your business, log on to www.easyreports.in or send an enquiry mail to contact@easyreports.in