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Key things every business must take care for Data Security in Tally

Key things every business must take care for Data Security in Tally

January 23, 2020

Today, 15 Lakh+ customers are using Tally software daily to manage their business operation that includes billing of transactions, recording and valuation of inventory, handling payroll of employees, Filing of returns and no matter what.

Tally Data is an integral part of every business. Nothing can move ahead without data, as it gives us new and detailed insights, provides answers to various problems and helps us in making better and improved decisions. Thus,  data security is proving to be crucial, every passing day. With businesses growing day by day, it is very important to maintain the security and protect the privacy of Tally data from unauthorized access as it will lead to much more risk of leaking or stealing of confidential data.

Following are some of the crucial features that must be kept in mind for data Security in Tally;

Secure Data Access

Confidentiality of the data is a major concern of every business concern today. Centralized data server management helps to monitor and keep track of User activities on a day to day basis which is possible only through Tally.Server 9. It is a product of Tally Solution that acts as a data server who manages the data files and helps in accessing and operating Tally only by providing the Data server name. The location of the data file is not required.

Install virus/malware protection software

Anti viruses helps in safeguarding the data from malware and viruses attacks. If proper care is not taken then it will lead to data leakage that in turn can lead to financial losses of the organization.

Regular backup of your data

Backup acts as a recovery system during unwanted situations and helps towards smooth business continuity. Regular backup of data and sharing it on multiple devices acts as a booster at times of emergency and businesses can avoid serious financial loss.

Enable Tally Vault

Tally Vault comes with a security feature built in Tally. An advanced level security feature in Tally ERP 9 to keep up confidentiality of information by encrypting the data using a password. The user having the password can only view, alter or enter data.

Tally Audit

The Tally.ERP 9 feature Tally Audit allows the auditor to perform an audit on the Tally data by giving him/her the rights to track changes that affect the integrity of the transaction, such as changes made in date, ledger, master, amounts in the voucher, etc are shown in the Tally audit listings.

Create a Strong Password Policy

Implementation of a strong Password policy for the Tally data shall helps in  securing and safeguarding the financial information of the company from unauthorized changes. In Tally.ERP 9, the Administrator can set a password policy for all the Tally users for their company.

Voucher Type Security

Assigning Voucher Type level security helps in controlling and restricting of access to individual Voucher Type and reporting from different users. The administrator in Tally can provide the department and role-based permissions of masters, voucher type and reports to different users based on the business requirement.