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Top 10 Reasons of using MS Dynamics 365

Top 10 Reasons of using MS Dynamics 365

December 23, 2019

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-first solution, an additional mode of deployment for Microsoft’s CRM and ERP applications and provides for a 360-degree vision of the insights and processes of your business’s operations. MS D365 assist your sales and marketing teams helping you to stand out among the competition. It provides great functionality, performance and security that enables an organization to scale new heights as the organization adapts to its business environment.

Following are some of the possible reasons for using MS Dynamics 365;

Critical Business Insights: Every organization prefers to have a data-driven and informed platform to to uncover new insights into the analysis and business decisions. MS Dynamics 365 generates real time business insights leveraging an advanced Power BI interface enabling businesses to ensure all business functions are performing in sync with the set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with AI capabilities.

Centralized Information Source: Unifies advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features leveraging Microsoft Outlook integration while seamlessly connects users to a centralized platform, enabling businesses to efficiently streamline work-flows which in turn will help tracking your strengths and weaknesses and measure the performance with data visualizations at the same time.

Ease of Accessibility: D365 enables anywhere and anytime work synchronization capabilities through licensed mobile applications, available for iOS, Android, and Windows, empowering users to be productive and stay engaged with customers, round the clock.

Social Media Monitoring: MS Dynamics 365 helps in web chats, posts, or other relevant content through smart social marketing application enabling businesses to get familiar with the target audience and build marketing tactics to improve customer engagements.

Data Security: Microsoft prioritizes customer data and security. D365 meets the EU privacy criteria including GDPR and safeguards information for cloud-based applications and data sources through robust access controls that include physical data center, service hosting platform, network connectivity, and user or administrator access levels.

Improved Resource Scheduling: D365 aligns business resources, including time, resources, and workforce through lead scoring and list validation features enabling sales teams to generate consistent leads, acquire new customers, and retain existing patrons.

Reduce Downtime: Dynamics 365 helps in facilitating a proactive service model through a robust field service management solution that unifies predictive maintenance with machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT), thus minimizing operational down times.

Scalable Architect: D365 helps in integrating seamlessly with business management solutions and Microsoft Office applications to deliver comprehensive solutions, enabling CRM teams to successfully manage business interactions and customer relations.

Integration Possibilities: Dynamics 365 easily integrates with Office 365 and other Microsoft platforms, paving the way for more efficiency and productivity.

Process Automation: In the era of technological advancement, automation has put an end to repetitive and time-taking manual tasks. By enabling businesses to efficiently streamline work-flows, it becomes easier for businesses to reach at desired results.