Tally Integration Capabilities

//Tally Integration Capabilities

Tally Integration Capabilities

Tally ERP 9 is the accounting software that not only supports the organization in accounting, but can also help in data mining, report making, and so on. However, this accounting software majorly stores your transactional data and generates pre-defined reports by churning the stored transactional data. Therefore, integration of Tally ERP 9 with other software like a BI (Business Intelligence) tool with their advanced data analysis engine would provide the users many features which may not be possible to get from Tally ERP9 only. For example – a BI tool when integrated with Tally ERP9 can provide predictive analysis using the historical transactional data from Tally.

Tally ERP 9 provides APIs so that any external tool can be integrated with it. Thus reports can be generated easily in a few clicks in a customized format as needed by the organization.

Tally is business solution software that has several options to integrate with any external software platform in various ways. There are various ways available in Tally whereby integration with any other external system can be done like XML, DLL and ODBC.

XML or Extensible Markup Language is more like HTML, but is essentially used to  store and transport information & data.

DLL or Dynamic Link Library is based on Microsoft’s shared library concept that other programs can get access to for a number of instructions.

ODBC or Open Database Connectivity interface allows various apps to access data in DBMS by using SQL. BI tools like EasyReports use ODBC for Tally ERP 9 integration.

All these three methods of integration allow easy and hassle free data transfer between two systems.

Integration however can be done in 2 modes: a) Online and b) Offline

  1. The online mode:
  • Synchronization from Tally to tally
  • Synchronization with Tally and other software, tool or application using best available interface
  • Synchronization with Tally to internet using HTTP

2. The offline mode:

  • Tally to other application/software/tool using the export feature
  • Importing data from an external application/software/tool in XML using import feature

The internal integration from Tally to Tally is done by synchronizing data. In data synchronization, the data or information is imitated in two or more fields. This can help send the data to the main office and vice versa using a network with static or dynamic IP address. The synchronization of data flows both ways from the server to the client and vice versa.

The masters and transactions in Tally, if available in XML compatibility format, can be imported using Tally directly. Tally supports the Excel, ASCII, HTML, ASCII and XML formats for export.

The integration capabilities of Tally can function well across all the software applications you are using in the organization.

The biggest benefit of Tally integration feature is that you can easily use it to generate reports in other formats without any hassle using data residing in Tally. Most of the organizations can utilize this feature to make stunning reports using a BI tool. A BI tool can help an organization with data mining, analyzing and decision making. If the BI tool can be integrated with Tally, it can help you achieve MIS, inventory, stock ageing, etc. reports as per your customization in no time. This can also aid the accounting team to generate reports easily. You can always do tasks like stock ageing analysis in Tally ERP 9, but a BI tool like EasyReports can help you generate easy to understand reports in no time and assist you in quick decision making which can be one of the potential factors behind the growth of your organization.


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