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How to use Stock Ageing Analysis Report in Tally ERP9

How to use Stock Ageing Analysis Report in Tally ERP9

May 12, 2017

Stock Ageing is a powerful analysis for any business owner such as a manufacturer, distributor or trader to look at stock position and take decisions for slow moving, close to expiry and expired inventory. It can result into good decisions being taken for disposing off blocked inventory or close to expiry inventory. Many a business have suffered due to capital blocked in inventory not being used resulting into high interest costs and other operational costs to maintain the inventory.

To run the stock ageing analysis select the Display -> Inventory Books -> Ageing Analysis option.

Select a group or the primary group in case you would like to see the report for all items.

Once the report is generated the inventory position is shown to you.

The report provides a quick and easy to use position of your inventory with details sorted by the age buckets.

You may use the ageing period options to generate the report with ageing buckets as per your requirement.

The report can also show expired batches based on the option button shown in the right toolbar. This option may be useful for organizations which track date of expiry.

You may also use the Ageing Style option to generate the report for other logic such as ageing by date of purchase, ageing by expiry date, ageing by manufacturing date and to be expired stock.

One of the common requirements of a business is to evaluate notional interest on the amount blocked in non-moving inventory or to show the last purchase and / or the last sales date against each item to look at the movement position in greater details. These options and any other logic required can easily be configured in reporting and business intelligence tools for Tally ERP9. Using these business intelligence tools it is also possible set up auto email schedules for reports so that users don’t miss out on seeing these critical reports and thus prevent losses in their business.