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What are the top 10 features of Tally.ERP9?

What are the top 10 features of Tally.ERP9?

August 19, 2019

Tally is one of the most popular and powerful Indian accounting software used extensively in India. It is driven by a technology called concurrent, multi-lingual, accelerated technology engine.

Tally.ERP9 is much more than just accounting. The 3 big letters ERP makes a whole lot of difference and is perfect business management solution and GST software. The term “ERP” stands for Enterprise Resource Planning in very technical terms. But, for a layman, the term means, the user can manage their entire business in Tally all by themselves, as it is very user-friendly software. The data in Tally is fully integrated which saves a lot of time and efforts.


The features of Tally.ERP9 are many. Some of them have been discussed below;

Simplicity: Tally.ERP9 accounting software is easy to set up, simple to use and is designed to simplify the complex day to day activities associated in an enterprise. It allows easy Keyboard operations and requires basic knowledge of Accounts and English to use it.

Auditors’ Edition: A special Auditors’ Edition is offered by Tally.ERP9, which provides auditing and compliance capabilities exclusively for Chartered Accountants.

Remote Access: Tally.ERP9 provides its users with remote capabilities to access the data from any location whatsoever at any point in time.

Scalability: Tally.ERP9 suits any style of business needs and eliminates the necessity for a business to change its style of operation, in order to adapt to the nature of the application.

Power: Tally.ERP9 allows users to maintain multiple companies and with unlimited levels of classification & grouping capabilities. It even allows drill-down facility from report level to the transaction level.

Accounting without Codes: Tally.ERP9 allows accounting with the regular names without any account codes.

Real-time processing: Real-time processing allows immediate posting and updating of books of accounts as soon as the transactions are entered, thereby facilitating instant statements and reports. It also facilities a real-time and multi-user environment.

Concurrent multi-lingual capability: Tally.ERP9 offers its users with the exclusive capability of maintaining their accounts in any Indian language, viewing them in another language and printing them in yet another Indian language.

Flexibility: Tally.ERP9 comes with a flexible option to generate instant reports for any given period, either month or a year or at any given point of time besides providing the facility to switch between Accounting & Inventory reports of the same company or between companies.

Speed: Tally.ERP9 provides the capability to generate instant and accurate reports, which assists the management to take timely and correct decisions for the overall productivity and growth of the organization.

Control Centre: works as an interface between the user and Tally.ERP9 installed at different sites and enables the user to centrally configure and administer Site or User belonging to an account.


The benefits of Tally.ERP9 are as follows;

  • Creation of invoices with single items, multiple items, multiple tax types, and even multiple currencies.
  • Invoices with multiple currencies can be printed with the value breakups of the transactions in terms of the different currencies.
  • Tally accounting software can flawlessly connect with various Microsoft applications.
  • Tally provides comprehensive solution revolving around accounting principles, inventory and data integrity.
  • Tally software comes with easy to use interface, thereby making it simple to operate.
  • A single connection can support multiple users.
  • ERP9 can be easily used in conjunction with the Internet making it possible to publish global financial reports.
  • Users can start recording transactions and creating invoices within minutes of installation.
  • ERP9 provides one stop solution for compliance