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How to track lost customers in Tally.ERP9 and Tally Prime

How to track lost customers in Tally.ERP9 and Tally Prime

April 12, 2023

Tally is a popular accounting software used by businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide range of features that help businesses manage their financial transactions efficiently. Tally provides a host of reports to give insight into business operations. When it comes to MIS most tally users would use a reporting tool or customized reports to generate analytical and informative reports for their business.

The major problem that most businesses are facing is losing customers. Customers can become inactive due to various reasons like:

  • In-frequent and untimely follow-ups by the sales team
  • Higher Prices of the products quoted by the sales team
  • Delay in order delivery
  • Customer moving away to competitors

In this scenarios reports are required which alert the sales team about customers which have stopped doing business. Thereafter the team can follow up with the customer, understand their pain points and take remedial action.

EasyReports reporting tool provides readymade MIS based on your Tally data. The reports can be generated at the click of a button, exported in an Excel file, and circulated internally to the team members. The tool also provides an option to auto-schedule the report to the team members on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Active Inactive Customer Report

The report helps salespersons track the following:

  • Days from the last Sale date, i.e. the number of days the customer has not done business with the company
  • Current Outstanding
  • Credit Utilization by Customer

All these details can be used by a salesperson to take timely action to ensure payments are not stuck and the customer does not become inactive.

In addition to this, the report can be auto-scheduled to each salesperson with details of only their parties on a daily or weekly basis.An option can be provided to only get details of troubled parties. EasyReports also provides you with other reports which help you to track customer performance in terms of payments, credit utilization, sales history, item wise active-inactive, etc.

With the help of these reports you can easily track lost customers and take timely action to revive the business with them which helps the company improve its topline and eventually bottom line.