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Sales team tracking in Tally.ERP9

Sales team tracking in Tally.ERP9

January 2, 2019

Tally.ERP9 is of the most useful platform and a leading accounting & business management applications in India and overseas. The accounting software gives the user the capability to generate sales reports. It includes all the vital parameters of sales cycle management in terms of booking of sales orders, creating delivery notes or Challans that result in the creation of the sales invoice.

Having a sales team in an organization is of utmost importance. Sales, from an organizational point of view are similar to that of life support system for a critical human being admitted in ICU. In that context, it plays a crucial role and serves a major requirement for tracking sales performance of the sales team in terms of inquires, pending sales order, sales invoices and outstanding. Tally does not have any in-built feature of salesperson tracking but there are numerous ways in which an organization can achieve salesperson wise tracking in Tally ERP9.

The three typical scenarios for salesperson management are as follows;

  • Masters:
    • Maintaining the salesperson master as cost center
    • Entering the salesperson in the customer master through customization
  • Transactions:
    • Defaulting the salesperson from the customer master into sales transactions – this may be changeable or non-changeable
  • Reporting:
    • Sales Reports
    • Sales Growth
    • Outstanding Reports

We will know more about each one of them in a more detailed manner in our subsequent section.


User can create salesperson master in tally through a common step by creating a cost category called “Salespersons” and then create the required masters under the specified cost category. The structure in Tally looks somewhat like that of a hierarchy.

The salesperson assigned in the customer master has to be done through a Tally customization wherein the cost centers created under the specific cost category would be selected in the customer.

So what is customer master data?

Customer master data is the data users require to conduct business relationships with their customers. It includes address data and terms of payment.

How to create customer master?

To create customer master, users need Account Group. This is an aggregation of related accounts. The master records provided within the customer hierarchy are controlled by their account groups.


Salesperson will be tagged in the transaction based on customer selection. User don’t need to tag salesperson manually. User may be allowed to change the salesperson, if the business rules require such changes.


The reporting on the fields also needs to be customized. Salesperson wise reports are not available in Tally.ERP9. This is where the Business Intelligence (BI) tool comes into prominence.

The Process to generate Salesperson wise reports using the EasyReports BI tool:

  • A customized salesperson field is provided to the user in Tally at Transaction or Master Level.
  • User need to define salesperson in customer master & selected salesperson will be automatically tagged during sales transaction.
  • Salesperson wise reports will be generated based on salesperson tagging in customer master & sales transaction.

To understand how a user can enable salesperson reports in Tally.ERP9 we offer a free advisory session at your convenience. Visit us at www.easyreports.in