Tally Integration Capabilities

//Tally Integration Capabilities

Tally Integration Capabilities

Tally.ERP 9 is one of the leading ERP and accounting software that solves almost all the accounting and business related problems. Like any other ERP software not all processes and features are available within Tally such as CRM, SFA, etc. However, it provides integration capabilities using which additional applications can be connected. It is also possible to extract data from Tally and provide custom reports according to business needs.

The ability to give access to the important APIs is what makes Tally user-friendly software. The APIs available in Tally are DLL, ODBC and XML and these APIs allow integration in two main modes – offline and online.

Tally-to-Tally integration is possible through synchronization. The process of synchronization happens when the information or data is replicated in two or more places. This is helpful for the branch offices for sending data to the main office and vice versa. The data synchronization happens in two ways – from server to client and vice versa. Tally software also allows export of reports in 4 formats like XML, HTML, ASCII and Excel. Masters and transactions can be directly imported in the XML format of Tally.

The two interfaces that help Tally communicate with the external world are XML and ODBC interface. ODBC or Open Database Connectivity helps in data accessing from any application, no matter which DBMS is there to handle the data. A database driver is inserted between DBMS and an app, to transform the database queries into easy to understand commands for DBMS. XML interface can become a foundation stratum of web services that can provide a basic framework for messaging on which the web services are formed.

How Tally integration can help a business achieve desired results?

Much has been speculated about Tally integration – but one of the most important aspects of the Tally integration is to help businesses achieve desired results. In order to meet the day-to-day challenges of the business process, the information systems must seamlessly communicate with each other. This can help in providing proper & timely visibility so that the entrepreneur is able to take right decisions in the right time. This can help provide the desired flexibility to the business so that it can fit into the shoes of changing environment. Many a times, information and data has to be shared in streamlined format across the traditional boundaries of business, and integration capability helps a lot in achieving desired results. No wonder, the way one integrates systems is gradually becoming one of the business’ priorities in today’s competitive market.

Tally ERP 9 is designed to support customizations extensively.  It comes with an execution Kernel, a TDL or Tally Definition Language and an interpreter. The TDL can help enhance or change the behavior of the accounting software. Tally supports ODBC, export and import of data in standard CSV and XML formats. Using tools for Tally integration like that from EasyReports can help integration easy and hassle-free. To know more about Tally integration, write to us at contact@easyreports.in.

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