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How to tackle stock ageing with EasyReports

If you are running a business, you must be aware of the importance of stock ageing analysis. It plays a crucial role in generating an optimum Return on Investment i.e. ROI. However, in many cases, you might have had trouble in maintaining a proper stock ageing analysis that further results in high operational cost and [...]

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EasyReport’s ‘Tally Integration’ – Integrating any App with Tally

Tally is a well-known and renowned tool to manage accounting and stock-related inventories perfectly. However, when it is about generating a report based on some particular data, it becomes tiresome and time-consuming. With EasyReport's seamless Tally integration facility, now it is possible to integrate Tally.ERP9 with mobile applications, custom applications, dealer management systems (DMS) or [...]

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What MBT Infosys says about EasyReports

About MBT Infosys: What are they into – MBT Infosys is a company based out of Kolkata, India is a distributor of computer hardware, spares and peripheral devices. Constraints Faced by them: MBT Infosys was using a legacy application for their accounting and inventory management and moved to Tally.ERP9 In their legacy application they had [...]

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