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Why EasyReports – the solution to look for when it comes to maximizing salesforce productivity

The top 5 challenges that the business owners face today while maximizing their sales growth are: Innovation Technology Diversity Information Overload and On-Time Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving These challenges become more invincible when the time dimension gets added to this complexity. In today’s economy, keeping pace with the change is not only a challenge [...]

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How to optimize your daily sales report in Tally ERP9

There are various sales reports available in Tally ERP9 which are in the "Display" menu of the "Gateway of Tally" menu. The sales reporting of Tally is available under the following menu options: Display -> Account Books -> Sales Register Display -> Inventory Books -> Stock Item / Group Summary Display -> Inventory Books -> [...]

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How to use Stock Ageing Analysis Report in Tally ERP9

Stock Ageing is a powerful analysis for any business owner such as a manufacturer, distributor or trader to look at stock position and take decisions for slow moving, close to expiry and expired inventory. It can result into good decisions being taken for disposing off blocked inventory or close to expiry inventory. Many a business [...]

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