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BI, Analytics and Reporting for Milk and Dairy Business

BI, Analytics and Reporting for Milk and Dairy Business

January 17, 2020

With the help of BI, organizations can monitor and track KPIs in the form of reports and dashboards – which can answer few questions like – “what had already happened?”, “what will happen next?”, “what is the best that can happen?

With the change of business models and the way they operate today, the system of reporting too needs a transformation. Hence, the BI tool that originated from the need of companies wanting a seamless reporting and data analysis process. Now, the time has come for the BI to become a go-to software for entrepreneurs seeking an efficient and dynamic way of using their data for generating insightful reports.

The tool with its various features and methods, simplifies the data collection and data analysis process. The advanced BI way is reliable, faster, and more specific to the unique requirements of businesses across the world.

To seamlessly generate reports on the sales performance of different milk products and monitor the inventory flow in real-time, a dairy company needs a dynamic BI tool.

Dairy cooperative is one of the sector in which millions of farmers are involved in this business. It is the main source of income for the farmers and helps poor families to fulfill their basic needs and daily expenses.

A dairy company that sells several milk products like yogurt, clarified butter, condensed milk, butter, cheese, buttermilk, and others has to have a record of their individual sales performance, the regions they are distributed to, the franchisee shops, other sellers, and a host of other related data. This can be quite a mind-boggling task for the manpower to handle. Trained personnel or technical people would be able to keep a track of all the data and produce desired reports.

The main goal of any organization is to maximize profits for its owners and thereby, co-operative milk union is not an exception. Slow technology has been used by Dairy businesses to provide value based services to their distributors and Milk suppliers.

Below are the types of solutions & reports that a BI can offer to a dairy company:

  • Tracking of yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly & daily sales performance
  • Route wise sales performance
  • Analysis of achievers & laggards
  • Automated delivery of scheduled reports
  • Dashboards providing visibility of reports
  • Tracking sales person performance
  • Tracking performance in terms of route

BI technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations and can be applied to the various business purposes like measurement, Analytics, reporting, collaboration and knowledge management in order to drive business values.

BI can use structured data collected through ERP for analytical techniques for providing mechanism to transform into knowledge and display knowledge which will help for effective decision making for management.

How BI helps in Faster Report generation

Easy Data Import & Export: BI helps in the data collection from Tally and other applications in an automated and error-free way. The absence of human intervention ensures that not just the output will be fast but will be flawless too. Data sorting and filtering is done by BI without the requirement of any specially trained or technical person making the entire process prompt.

In-built dashboards and reports: The presence of in-built dashboards, reports, KPIs, and other features help accelerate the speed of customized report making.BI also houses a number of options of graphical representation of data in the form of tables, charts and graphs to generate any type of report.

Timely insights: Valuable insights developed by BI on the basis of the available data helps Milk and Dairy businesses to take informed decisions faster without a doubt. Since business processes have become very interactive, the authoritative people need quick data access for taking prompt actions by producing time-comparative reports in a timely manner to help them take decisions on the go.