Tally Integration – Why and How

//Tally Integration – Why and How

Tally Integration – Why and How

Tally is the most popular accounting software used by small and medium sized businesses. Almost all of the financial and accountings tasks are performed with the help of Tally in most companies today. The software helps in accounting solutions, financial and inventory management, sales and purchase management, invoicing, reporting and MIS. It is a powerful software that operates at high speeds, and can be customized for different business sectors. Tally executes in real time and has full-proof online help.

EasyReports BI tool offers complete Tally ERP 9 integration. This means that a business organization can transfer all their Tally reports into the BI platform easily. Master lists, financial transactions, inventory records and other data stored inthe Tally account can be imported to the EasyReportsBI software.

The main benefits of Tally integration are:

Easier access to data

When new data is entered into a Tally, it gets stored on the Tally server. This makes it easy for the employees to access data anytime they want. There is no need to go through old files and folders. Since all relevant financial data is available in the Tally server, accountants and other personnel can easily access this data as per their need. This saves time and helps to increase productivity.

Tally data synchronization

This is a special feature available with Tally ERP 9 integration. Tally data synchronization ensures that creation, modification, and deletion of any data are uniformly updated across multiple locations. Any new data entered into Tally gets updated in all the different categories and modules of various Tally data sheets.For example, when a new item is entered into the stock, the information is updated at every department level and in every management. So Management sitting at the head office will know how much stock is present in each warehouse by simply looking into his Tally dashboard.Data moves faster within internal departments.

Accounting solutions

Tally is most well known for its accounting solutions. It performs the financial analysis and management of an organization. The software looks after the company’s account books and keeps them clean and error free. When a company uses Tally, the accounting and financial tasks can be completed smoothly. Accountants do not have to spend time collating data to create reports.

Inventory management

The Tally software helps businesses to keep track of their inventory records too. Tally allows users to efficiently manage their stock items, categories, invoices, and obtain reports on consumption, production and inventory turnover. Users can create items, stock groups and stock sub groups; and different product stock categories. When making a new entry, users canmove the stock item under a particular godown. The inventory can also be maintained batch wise, making the monitoring of expiry dates for each batch easier.

Easy Reporting

The Tally software works in real time. Thus, it is easier to generate automatic business reports with the help ofTally integration. Managers have access to relevant data like the company’s income, expenditure, and sales. Because of this seamless real time data integration, reports can be generated in just a few clicks.

An organization can smooth out their daily operational tasks with the help of Tally software. It is even more beneficial if an organization uses a Business Intelligence tool with Tally integration. EasyReports (www.easyreports.in) offers complete Tally ERP 9integration.

EasyReports and Tally Integration

By using EasyReports BI tool, users can get access to all these advantages of Tally integration.

EasyReports BI has a configurable import connector for Tally.ERP9 which allows us to capture data from customizations done in Tally.ERP9. The tally connector allows us to import through simple configuration for 10 UDFs (User Defined Fields) per object such as –

  • ledger, stock item
  • voucher header
  • accounting lines
  • batch, etc.

We can further customize import to meet your specific import requirement such as aggregate and multi-value UDF Import.

Scheduling of Imports

EasyReports BI has a built in scheduler using which you can schedule import of masters, transactions and stock at pre-defined intervals. EasyReports BI allows for unlimited companies and schedules allowing you to define different import schedules for different companies.

The current Tally architecture requires that companies are loaded in Tally before import of data can happen. EasyReports BI ensures that the companies selected or scheduled for import are available in Tally so that there are no errors in import.

We have also developed an innovative solution with help from Tally which allows Tally to open automatically and pre-load the companies required to be imported. This allows you to schedule import of data without intervention of IT personnel and at night when other computing loads are low.

High Volume Imports

EasyReports BI supports high volume data import process. This can be done for high volume of data  depending on your data size and data distribution, e.g. high number of ledgers, high accounting transactions, high inventory transactions, etc.

To know more about EasyReports and its Tally Integration features, log on to www.easyreports.in or connect with us at contact@easyreports.in

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Ravi Kedia, founder and CEO of EasyReports BI, started his career as a Business Analyst and worked with companies like Tata Consultancy Services, ITC and Accenture. In the year 2009 he started EasyReports BI with a vision to make analytics affordable and easy to implement for SMEs.

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