Top 3 ways to Reduce your Reporting Troubles

//Top 3 ways to Reduce your Reporting Troubles

Top 3 ways to Reduce your Reporting Troubles

One of the toughest parts of any job is report making. It takes the accounts team especially a long time & effort to make presentations & reports as per the needs & requirements of the organization. So if you are wondering about how to reduce the pain of analyzing data & presenting reports, here are the top three ways that can help reduce your reporting troubles:

Effective implementation of Business Intelligence

You won’t be able to dig deep into the data & read all the reports provided to you. Thanks to Business Intelligence, it will help in data analyzing and mining and provide you easy-to-understand reports that can help you take informed decisions. Many a times, graphs and charts provide you a better picture of your organization than mere written reports. However, it is important to choose the BI tool wisely so that it can help you in streamlining the business process without any hassle. Tools like EasyReports can fetch data from Tally database and provide you accurate reports that help in setting realistic goals.

Understanding the business model and work accordingly

It is important to understand the business model of the organization and do the data analysis accordingly. The key to hassle-free report making is to fetch necessary data, collecting them into a certain format and analyzing them to make reports as per the requirements of the organization. If the business model is of FMCG, you must have the reports designed in a certain layout that will be different from the services and infrastructure business model.

The data fetching process should be seamless so that you can fetch data from any platform to any platform. One must be able to process the data and put it into a certain layout that is easy to read and understand.

Automation of report making

Gone are those days when people would design reports manually. With the advent of advanced technologies, plenty of reports making tools are there to help you with designing accurate reports without any chances of human error. Automation in report making can help ease the workload from the shoulders of accounts team, and they can keep their time & efforts saved for productive work, which means better ROI. Moreover, in no time, one can easily make reports & presentations.

A report-making job is quite difficult, but with a tool like EasyReports, it is easier than you thought. To know more about how to solve your report-making problems, log in to

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