Top BI Implementation Success Factors

//Top BI Implementation Success Factors

Top BI Implementation Success Factors

Successful BI implementation delivery can help transform the entire business process of an organization. More accurate and informed decision making is possible when the business users get the access to self-serve reporting. KPIs and well-planned dashboards help in providing improvised situational awareness & capability to steer the business with agility. A well-implemented BI helps in reducing chances of error, thus providing accurate reports in no time.

However, many BI tools fail to address the real problem that is streamlining the business activities to enhance productivity & ROI. So what are the points that make BI implementation successful? Let’s find out:

Focus on limited fields

A BI tool must be designed to focus on fewer fields, and there’s no need to boil the entire ocean. Select few of the departments to put the focus on, like sales, finance, supply chain, etc. and implement BI tactics there. You can gradually gain credibility and move to other fields. Remember, ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

Easy usage can help make a BI tool successful

The business user is the one who gains a lot from the successful implementation of BI. However, there are many others who can reap benefit from it, specially the accounts team that can reduce the manual efforts and use BI as an efficient tool to generate error-free reports. As the employees of any organization get limited access to a particular data or set of data that might help them in their work, so, if BI is implemented correctly, it can be quite easy to use for employees & also help in streamlining business processes.

The key to successful BI implementation is performance

Earlier, it would take an entire day to produce a good report, but today any delay in producing reports might irritate the users. This might directly or indirectly affect the success of the organization in the competitive market. In the age of advanced technology, performance is the only key for successful BI implementation.

Choose the suitable technology with utmost care

There are many technology options when it comes to tackle BI & report management; however, it is important to choose the technology wisely so that that can help the organization streamline the business process. It is a wise idea not to go for the ones that come bunched with existing software packages. Even if the various products have the same badge, they are actually separately bundled BI tools for different implementation. Keeping that in mind, it would be a sensible decision to evaluate them to suit the individual business requirements according to budgets & skill-levels.

Understanding the cost and make the budget accordingly

It is a sensible idea to understand the cost break-up before implementing a BI in a business process. This might take some effort, but it is worth when you and your organization are gaining in long term.

Ability to work in various management levels of an organization

The success of a BI tool depends on its ability to work in complex situations and various levels. The BI tool that handles complex data and seamlessly does its job efficiently can help an organization flourish.

So here are the few success factors that can make BI successful and the entrepreneur take informed decisions for the benefit of the organization.

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