How to Plan a Reporting and MIS Automation Project

EasyReports is a wonderful tool that can help you in all your accounts related activities. If you have a licensed tally installed in your system, you can use this Business Intelligence (BI) tool for reporting and MIS automation related purposes. BI tool, along with tally integration, can help ease all the account related tasks for [...]

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Analytics Made Easy through Data Visualization

Analytics is the word that sounds much technical and less business. However, when we have to face a tough competition, analytics plays a crucial role by directly affecting our decision-making. If we manage to make the analytics easy, it would automatically be easier for us to take the right decision on time with the help [...]

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Meeting the Requirements of Meet Marketing

About the company: Meet Marketing (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a company based in Ahmedabad, India, dealing in Supplier and distributor of plastic raw materials, PVC resin, PVC grinding and so on. Issues/Problems they were facing: Meet Marketing was using Tally.ERP9 for their business operations and accounting. Their accounts department used to create reports by manually [...]

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How EasyReports is Different from other Business Intelligence Tools

Accounting and Stock-keeping are the two quintessential pillars of an organization that not only ensures profitability but also helps you to manage cash flows properly so that you can have that extra edge for your business. This is the era of tough competition and therefore if a business wants to be well ahead amongst others, [...]

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Top 3 Business Intelligence Trends in 2017

2016 was a crucial year for Business Intelligence (BI) industry. The trends that just started in 2016, has started taking a shape in this year. However, as the BI industry is an ever-evolving sector, it is the trend to be customized increasingly for each business need. 2017 is the year of some fabulously collaborated and [...]

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How Keventer Fresh Limited Accelerated Business with EasyReports

Supply Chain Management through Tally.ERP9   CUSTOMER OVERVIEW   Keventer Fresh Limited (KFL) is a company promoted by the Rs. 12 Billion Keventer Group. With an investment of over Rs. 300 Million, it has set up a Post Harvest Processing and Packaging Center for Horticulture produce with state of the art technology for sorting, grading [...]

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Biggest Barriers to Successful BI Implementation

Business Intelligence tools are well known for their advantages and benefits that they bring to the company. But this is not the end of the story. On the other hand, BI implementation also introduces certain challenges and risks. In this blog, we will discuss the probable barriers you might face while implementing your Business Intelligence [...]

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Role of Data Governance in BI Solutions

Data Governance is all about managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of data within an organization. Business Intelligence software gathers data from different sources and then analyze them and present that into actionable forms helping executives at different roles in the organization to take necessary actions. Data being the spinal cord of any business [...]

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Get Rid of Messy Spreadsheets by Adopting Easy Reports Accounting BI

Organizations dealing with huge information which are stored manually (in excel sheets, mails, etc.) can stall out the endeavour to perform even basic BI tasks or analytics. For example - Generating MIS reports collating data manually from different information sources like spreadsheets, whatsapp or mails, when information is not organized is practically a huge task [...]

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